Everyone feels nervous before an exam. That is only natural and normal. Everyone wonders if they will be able to answer the questions, if they have prepared enough, if they will remember what they have studied. In fact, a certain amount of nervous tension probably helps you perform to the best of your ability and produces a healthy rush of adrenaline that gives you what you need to stay alert and focused.

But too much anxiety may BLOCK thoughts, create a negative frame of mind and lead to panic and potentially poor exam performance. Anxiety can also affect your thinking ability, causing you to blank out or have racing thoughts that are difficult to control.

Some students even experience physical symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, faintness, feeling too hot or too cold etc. Others experience more emotional symptoms, such as crying easily, feeling irritable or getting frustrated quickly.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Come and join us for the following workshops to help you manage exam anxiety and turn uncomfortable, panicky thoughts, into more creative tension.

Counselling Services, together with the Academic Success Centre, offers a series of workshops that help you prepare for tests and exams and also manage the anxiety that comes with it!

No need to register – just come to any or all of the workshops you can! Hope to see you there!

Workshop #1 – Test Anxiety: How does it Impact Me? And Tips and Strategies for Managing

This workshop will present information about signs and symptoms of test anxiety. Effective strategies for managing test anxiety as well as prevention and self-care will be explored.

New Workshop Times and Dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, ask for help when needed and connect with an Academic Coach.