Chemistry is a fundamental component in all of us. Chemical reactions are happening in our bodies constantly. In the Veterinary Technology program, students will be introduced to the basics of these chemical reactions.

Students in the Veterinary Technology program must have an understanding of key elements  and their functions in our body or in the veterinary profession. Students will be exposed to some of the common elements that a technician will be encountering often in practice. You will also receive some lessons in basic terminology, chemical reactions and the four major biomolecules in the body.

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Become a Chemistry Guru Using the 5-Day Study Plan

Since repetition and review are key pillars of understanding material, try doing the questions below. Better yet, attack the questions using the 5-day study plan! This plan allows you to reflect, revisit and self-test yourself on new material. 5-day study plan

Chemistry Worksheet Practice
Chemistry Worksheet
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