Welcome to the Introduction to Veterinary Technology web page! Here you will learn about what to expect in your courses as you start full time study.

At Red River College, we support students to ensure they have the greatest chance of success.

The Veterinary Technology program moves at a quick pace and it will benefit you to be as prepared as possible for all aspects of the program. This site will provide you with exposure to the three major subject areas students most often seek help with in program.

This is just a sneak peak into your Veterinary Technology content, so you most likely won’t be a master at the end of these modules and quizzes; what you will be though, is someone who now has a sense of what to expect.

Introduction Videos

Please take a few minutes to watch the following two videos and see what Veterinary Technology students do in a day, and how they do what they do well!

Learning Modules

Each of the following three learning modules will help you get a sense of the Veterinary Technology program by walking you through an introduction, a short lesson, and an interactive quiz. Once you’ve completed each, you should have a better sense of where to focus your efforts.

Anatomy and Physiology