RRC Peer Tutors are students who provide paid academic assistance to fellow RRC students. Peer Tutors display strong academic skills and are interested in assisting fellow classmates review and refine program content knowledge.

Instructors: Please complete this form to recommend a Tutor Candidate. If you cannot provide a recommendation due to a lack of experience working with the candidate, please have them visit the Tutor Supervisor at the Academic Success Centre. We will work with the student on creating an achievable timeline for becoming a Tutor at the Centre.

Instructor Recommendation Form

General Information

Peer tutors provide informal assistance to fellow students in RRC programs. Although they do not require the instructional competencies of trained educators, they do require a high level of maturity and well-developed interpersonal skills. Please provide us with your assessment of the candidate’s abilities (as they relate to peer tutoring) in the areas below.

The Academic Success Centre at Red River College offers a variety of free services to help students study new material, prepare for tests, and get assignments done correctly and on time.

Please contact ASC Coordinator Lauren Phillips if you have any questions, concerns or academic support suggestions.

Notre Dame Campus: Room D-110
Exchange District Campus: Room P-210