What do Academic Coaches do?

Academic Coaches work with you to help develop the organizational, motivational, test-taking and study-skill techniques needed for success at RRC and your future career.

Your Academic Coach can help you:

  • Find more efficient ways to study.
  • Improve your ability to retain information and think critically.
  • Do better on tests and assignments.
  • Balance student life with home life.
  • Understand how your course work will help you achieve your career goals.

What does the Academic Coaching process look like?


At your first Coaching session (about 30 minutes) you and your Coach will:

  • Start to get to know each other
  • Discuss the Academic Coaching process
  • Discuss your strengths and challenges as a student
  • Review your course timetable (make sure you bring it!) and create your own personalized calendar
  • Identify one or two study strategies to try immediately
  • Book your next appointment

At your second Coaching session you and your Coach will:

  • Check on your goals—are they still the ones you want?
  • Talk about reducing study stress and test anxiety
  • Fine tune your study strategies and decide what you will do next
  • Revise your personal timetable

At your third Coaching session you and your Coach will:

  • Check on your progress after midterm or a large assignment
  • Explore more study strategies
  • Commit to one or two next steps

At your final Coaching session you and your Coach will:

  • Celebrate your successes
  • Think about how to raise the bar for yourself
  • Commit to one or two next steps
  • Plan for next term

What is the difference between a Coach and a Tutor?

  • Academic Coaches focus solely on the skills that enable a student’s success, not the content needed to succeed in program. Coaches do not need program area expertise while tutors are experts in program content.
  • Academic Coaches are pro-active and work to ensure students stay on track and meet the promises set out in their learning plan.

How can I connect with a Coach?

At the Exchange District Campus and Regional Campuses:

Dayna Graham, Adult Learning Facilitator
Exchange District Campus: Room P-210
Phone: 204.631.3342
Email: dagraham@rrc.ca

At Notre Dame Campus: 

Chris Harder, Tutoring Supervisor
Notre Dame Campus Room D-110
Phone: 204.632.2251
Email: cjharder@rrc.ca