Need help with fractions? Could you use a review of basic algebra? Red River College has many options to help you review and practice the math skills needed for success in your program, including individual tutoring. It’s always a good idea to ask for help!

To meet with a tutor in person, visit RRC’s Academic Success Centre for help with the specific area of math you need to review. You can also register for one of the many free workshops held throughout the year.

Wise Guys

Studying math at midnight? Can’t remember how to calculate that formula? Check out the Academic Success Centre’s free online college math videos. You’ll find reviews of common math skills needed for RRC programs, including: finding common denominators, direct proportion, scientific notation, working with algebraic expressions, working with a calculator in Business Admin, and much more. And we add new videos throughout the year, so come back every few months to see what’s new:

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A few tips for you:

  1. One of the largest issues for students isn’t the math itself, but the anxiety that comes along with math tests and assignments. Check out these tips to Reduce Your Math Anxiety at Test Time
  2. Another key skill when working with math is the ability to apply your skills in applied or real-life scenarios. Check out these tips on Solving Math Word Problems
  3. And to remember number strings, here are a few fun tips:

Other Online Math Resources

The math sites include interactive lessons, worksheets, quizzes and unlimited practice to achieve thorough mastery of the concepts. Topics covered are basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.