Study Skills Support

College Knowledge Workshops

Staff at the ASC are available to deliver study skills workshops to your classes. Each workshop guides students through active learning strategies needed for success at college. All workshops are designed to be student-centered and interactive, and are best delivered when modified to suit the specific needs of RRC programs. Please book well in advance to ensure ASC staff have time to modify workshop plans to suit your program’s current needs. Please contact Chris Harder at or 204-631-3342 for more information.

Check out our workshops below!

Time Management. You will:

  • Implement a study strategy that prioritizes and manages life, college and work demands.
  • Create a study calendar aligned to program schedules, due dates and tests.
  • Self-identify personal barriers to task completion and create customized solutions.

College Level Reading. You will:

  • Identify key textbook features and the relationship they have to your course.
  • Examine a textbook using the SQ3R method: survey, question, read, recite, review.
  • Identify main and supporting points of your text in order to create a study guide.

Notemaking. You will:

  • Differentiate between notemaking and notetaking and describe the influence on learning.
  • Describe common patterns of organization within college lectures and associated verbal and written cues.
  • Employ a notemaking strategy to provide the foundation for test and assignment prep activities.

Writing in College. You will:

  • Identify the type, style and tone of writing expected in your program and future career.
  • Employ processes to:
    • develop written ideas;
    • research effectively;
    • organize papers; and
    • tighten and unify written arguments through self-editing approaches.

Study Smarter not Harder. You will:

  • Analyze and plan the implementation of the study cycle as a tool for comprehension and retention.
  • Identify strategies for creating effective self-test questions to use as a learning tool.
  • Plan a focused study session for an upcoming test with a study calendar.

Enhancing Memory and Learning. You will:

  • Apply brain-based principles of learning and memory to program content.
  • Identify the attitudes and personal practices that enhance memory, learning and retrieval.
  • Develop a personal study plan based on brain-based learning techniques aligned with course timeframes.

Team Work Skills. You will:

  • Identify the characteristics and practices of an effective team.
  • Develop roles and responsibilities in a group-based setting.
  • Identify strategies to manage or mitigate conflict.

Oral Presentations. You will:

  • Make and deliver a presentation using a hook, intro, body and conclusion.
  • Demonstrate effective presentation skills.
  • Discuss common problems in delivering presentations and form solutions to minimize these problems.

Test Taking Skills. You will:  

  • Develop personal strategies for a variety of test formats.
  • Identify common test taking errors and describe reasoning skills that mitigate these errors.
  • Construct and execute an appropriate plan for test-taking.
  • Identify test anxiety strategies and College supports for test anxiety management.

Quick Tips on Student Success

A 1-hour combination of a selection of our workshops to give you an overview of learning strategies and test preparation tips, for example:

  • Learning and memory strategies
  • Test taking tips
  • Academic supports at RRC

Custom-Designed Workshops

ASC tutors are available to design and deliver activity-based learning strategy workshops that fit your program’s specific needs. Give us a call or drop by.

EAL/ESL Supports

Are you experiencing EAL/ESL language challenges in your class? Let us know what those challenges are and we can create workshops to address your specific need. If you have both EAL/ESL students and Canadian-raised students in your class, we can created a “blended” workshop, introducing the same academic skills as in the College Knowledge workshops but also integrating language learning tips and strategies.

We’re also happy to collaborate with you on special projects designed to help with the specific language challenge that you are facing, whether it’s avoiding plagiarism or preparing speaking skills for a clinical or co-op placement.

Contact: Michelle Amaya-Torres, EAL Specialist, Academic Success Centre or 204-631-3365.