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Grammar, Writing, and Researching

OWL (online writing lab)
Purdue University has an excellent collection of free handouts and materials, including resources on grammar, punctuation, spelling, researching and documenting sources, EAL and practice exercises.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing
This is a site sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation which provides information, Power Points, reviews, and interactive quizzes for different levels of writing, including words and sentences, paragraphs, essays and research papers. It will answer all of the writers’ questions with digital handouts and computer-graded quizzes.

The University of Victoria’s Hypertext Writer’s Guide
This site provides detailed information on all aspects of writing from basic rules of usage to writing research essays. The Index page uses an alphabetized system to help students easily locate the topics they are looking for.

Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Kathy Livingston shows writers how to decide on a topic, draft an outline, define a thesis, and write an introduction and conclusion. The site also gives a sample essay and provides links to other writing resources.

What is Plagiarism?
Seneca Professor Kathy Kell’s tutorial defines plagiarism and describes ways to avoid it. The tutorial includes information on using quotation marks, paraphrasing, and tips for using both MLA and APA formats.
This Learning Centre site is designed to help students understand what plagiarism means in the information age, and to teach the planning, organizing, and citing skills essential for producing quality writing and research.

Finding Information on the Internet
Looking for information for a research essay can be time consuming and/or confusing. This site gives students help with using the Internet effectively to find and use search tools, evaluate web pages, get style sheets for citing sources, and understand Internet and web jargon.
<h2″>Study Skills
This website provides an extensive list of study skills, which are listed both by the process of studying and by topic. Each topic has a list of handouts, prioritized by importance and interest. There are also quizzes to help students evaluate and strengthen their study habits.

Clemson University College Survival Skills
This website is designed to help students become more successful by improving their college study skills. Topics include managing time efficiently, reading textbooks and taking notes, studying effectively, and preparing for taking tests/exams.

Mind Tools, Ltd.: How Your Learning Style Affects Your Use of Mnemonics
This site provides information on topics such as determining individual learning styles, solving problems, making decisions, managing time and stress levels, increasing information and communication skills, and improving memory.

Ohio University Academic Advancement Center Study Tips
The site addresses study skill topics for college students. Many interactive exercises are presented for students on such topics as memory techniques, time management, reading textbooks, taking notes in class, improving concentration, and exam preparation.

York University Learning Centre
At this site, York provides some skill-building resources for students who can acquire new learning skills independently by reading through the information on each of the topics listed. Topics include reading, time management, note taking, and test and exam preparation. There is also a link to some of York’s brochures containing tips for students to improve their success at college.

College Grant Study Skills
A collection of highly useful study skills tips and tricks from across the web. Thanks to the students at Jean Massieu Academy for the sending the link!


AAA Math
A comprehensive set of interactive math lessons is featured here. Unlimited practice is available on each topic to attain mastery of the concepts, and immediate feedback as lessons are completed prevents learning incorrect methods. A wide range of topics is given from basic math to algebra and trigonometry.

S.O.S. Mathematics
This is a free resource for math review material from algebra to differential equations and calculus. It provides help for college students and adult learners to do homework, refresh math memory, or prepare for tests and exams.

The Purple Math Forums
Purplemath helps students gain understanding and self-confidence in algebra. There is a lessons index that lists algebra topics from preliminary and beginning algebra to intermediate and advanced levels, and a section on solving word problems. The site also provides a list of off-site tutoring and instructional resources.

The Math Forum @ Drexel
This site offers resources for improving math learning. The Internet Math Library link leads to an extensive list of math topics to explore and offers problems, puzzles, and videos.

Webmath is a math-help website that generates an answer when the user enters a question or problem. As well as giving the answer the moment the user clicks “solve”, Webmath shows the student how to arrive at that solution.

Interactive Mathematics
This site provides information and examples for algebra, money math, trigonometry, complex numbers, probability, differentiation, integration, and higher calculus.
Here at the ASC, we like because it offers clear and concise free math lessons & solving strategies in areas from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. The explanations contextualize the math, so you have a vision of why you are doing something and how you can apply it to your college math and your life math.  You’ll view examples right after a learning moment and you’ll have a chance to dive right in to practice questions.  Online calculators are also available on this site.  Furthermore, you can generate your own algebra workshops to print and use. It includes many options of equations, systems and quadratics.


Grammar Mechanics
Exercises are provided to help identify sentence parts/parts of speech, nouns and pronouns, articles, verb tenses and forms, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure and word order, sentence fragments and run-ons, punctuation, and spelling.

ESL Blues Main Index
This site is specifically for international students who would like to improve their English language skills. The site, which is aimed at pre-intermediate to high-intermediate English levels,  provides diagnostic quizzes, interactive online activities, lessons and review sheets on many writing, grammar, and punctuation topics. The students also receive immediate feedback at the end of each activity.

Dave’s ESL Café
Dave Sperling’s vast site is for those interested in ESL/EFL. It includes “stuff for teachers” and “stuff for students” such as self-study materials for idioms, phrasal verbs, extensive grammar topics, and slang. There is also a link to other ESL resources. English as 2nd Language
Kenneth Beare’s comprehensive site features articles, lessons and quizzes, a free weekly newsletter, annotated net links, a chat room and a discussion forum.

ESL Flow
This is an extensive, comprehensive site that features resources for students and teachers, including writing and grammar, speaking, dialogues, readings, handouts, and lesson plans, quizzes and exercises.

Subject-Specific Study Techniques

City College of San Francisco Learning Assistance Center Favourite Academic Websites
An alphabetical list of content area subjects is given. Each topic gives a list of resources that students can click on to get information about the subject.

General Sites

Vancouver Community College Learning Centre
This learning centre site provides student resources in many academic areas. It has links and worksheets in a variety of areas, including subject-specific courses, EAL, and writing. The site also provides some study skill links for topics such as time management, note taking, and a study guide and strategies web page, which lists many topics on study skill techniques.

Prentice Hall’s Student Success
At this site, you will find many sites of interest that are designed to help students survive college life. At the academic skills site, there are study skill topics such as time management, studying and test taking tips. Academic topics include reading, writing, listening, math, and library research skills.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Through consultations with instructors, students, and employers, Kwantlen has identified several essential skill areas that can help students be more successful in college and the workplace. This site lists these essential skills, and gives links to resources where students can get information to help them improve in these skill areas. The site also provides links for EAL students and tutors.

McMaster University Centre for Student Development
The centre’s site has excellent videos on general “full frontal” study skills and learning strategies such as time management, procrastination, and problem solving, as well as videos on content area courses, including writing and math, and a section on going from B’s to A’s. The videos are presented by Peter Walsh, an academic skills counsellor.

Douglas College Learning Centre
This learning centre site provides help for college students. One link provides self-help materials for grammar, writing, study skills and math and science. A second link goes to a site which features 12 online videos for students to view for tips to improve success at college.

Time Management

Managing Your Time
This site from the Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth University provides documents which can be read or downloaded for easy student access. The resources they provide include a video on time management, a planning quiz to evaluate time management ability, and a variety of sites where students can get information about how to create short and long term schedules and download calendars for creating them.

Study Guides and Strategies
This unique site has links for information on time management as well as reading, writing, and a variety of study skills areas. As well, some topics are written in languages other than English. The student just has to click on the language link provided on the left-hand side of the page. Time management topics include goal setting, creating schedules and to-do lists, avoiding procrastination, developing self-discipline, and prioritizing tasks.
This site offers information on time management for college and university students. There are links to articles that discuss avoiding procrastination, tips on making to-do lists, and basic time management guidelines and strategies. On the home page, there is a list of other resources and links for other worthwhile topics such as goal setting, critical skills, coping skills, and dealing with stress.

Time Management Tips
This site, developed by Naomi Rochler-Gladen, provides a variety of time management topics for college students. She covers keeping  calendar, planning your time, prioritizing, avoiding procrastination, and taking responsibility for your time management. There is also a link to articles on other study skills for students to access.

Time Management
This site offers some suggestions to help students manage their time better. It includes topics on time management tips and strategies, personal time management, and control of time at work and school.