Is English your second or additional language?  RRC EAL tutors can help you succeed in your program.

How can EAL tutors help?


  • use your program material and assignments in the tutoring session,
  • help you understand your assignment instructions and work more quickly and efficiently,
  • are trained EAL teachers who work one on one with you,
  • help you find your errors yourself, and
  • show you strategies to prevent future errors.

What can you ask your tutor to help you with?

  • Planning enough time to finish all your assignments and still have time to study for your tests
  • Reading and taking notes more quickly and efficiently
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation: learning to use program-specific vocabulary correctly
  • Participating in class: Asking questions correctly, and answering them effectively
  • Presentations: Organizing your ideas and expressing them clearly
  • Group work: Preventing and solving problems in small group work
  • Writing: Organizing your ideas and expressing them clearly and correctly

How can I request an EAL tutor?

Complete the Tutor Request Form

You can also contact an EAL Specialist:

Stephen Sawchyn
Phone: 204.631.3472 NDC
204-631-3365 EDC


Lisa Vogt
Phone: 204-631-3472 NDC
204-631-3365 EDC

Or drop into the Academic Success Centre:

Notre Dame Campus
Room DM-13
Phone: 204-631-3365

Exchange District Campus
Room P210
Phone: 204-631-3472