Have you got a creative idea and would like Academic Success Centre support?  Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

Examples of special projects we’ve done recently:

  • Interactive workshop (2 classroom hours): We took a course assignment, broke it down into steps and walked students through scanning and skimming for the answers, recording citation information, and integrating the information into a report using two structural models.
  • Supporting the classroom instructor (3 classroom hours): A team of tutors worked with the instructor to guide students in selecting material for their oral presentations. The tutors then listened to group presentations and provided feedback before the students presented to the full class.
  • Collaborating to allow for assignment resubmission (individual tutoring hours): The instructor and the ESL Specialist jointly reviewed written assignments and identified students who would benefit from additional English language support. All students were then given a choice to either leave their assignment for grading, or resubmit after seeing a tutor. The instructor spoke individually to students who most needed the assistance and encouraged them to resubmit.

Do you have any other ideas on how we could support you?  Let us know.

Michelle Amaya-Torres
ESL Specialist
Academic Success Centre, Student Services
Red River College
Notre Dame Campus Room D-110 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Exchange District Campus Room P-210 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Phone: 204-631-3365
Email: mamayatorres@rrc.ca