RRC Tutor Trac allows students to search for and book appointments for a variety of academic support services including, peer tutoring, study groups, weekly review workshops, EAL supports and academic coaching.

Accessing RRC Tutor Trac

Go to success.rrc.ca or log into HUB and follow the link located in the ‘Applications‘ area of the main page.

Next, login to Tutor Trac using your RRC username and password, just as you would log into HUB. If you are having trouble logging in, follow the onscreen instructions.

Once logged in, from the “Student Options” box, in the top left corner of he page you have three options:

  •  Search Availability: Locate available tutoring appointments or to join a scheduled study group or review workshop relevant to your course.
  • Visit History: View a list of your previous tutoring or workshop attendance.
  • HELP: Get assistance with Tutor Trac.

From the “Welcome” tab on the main menu you can see a list of any upcoming appointments you have.

Searching for an appointment in Tutor Trac

Clicking on “Search Availability” will take you