Lauren Phillips – Manager

Hi! I’m the Manager of the Academic Success Centre and I’m privileged to work with the dedicated educators you see on this page. Our Centre exists to support RRC students as they pursue success in their programs and careers. Please drop by for a visit to meet the team and learn more about how tutoring and coaching can help bolster student success.


Michelle Amaya-Torres – EAL Specialist

Contact Michelle if you need language support in (these programs): Dental Assisting, Echocardiography, Health Care Aide, Health Information Management, Health Unit Clerk, MRI and Spectroscopy, Medical Device Reprocessing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Radiologic Technology, Nursing (including BPIEN, Nursing Refresher and LPN to BN), Occupational Health and Safety, Paramedicine, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, QA QC for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Science Lab Technology and Ultrasound

Welcome to the ASC! My name is Michelle and I am the EAL Specialist for RRC Health Sciences programs. I work closely with program instructors whenever possible to make sure that our language workshops and tutoring exactly match the skills that will help you be successful in your program and afterwards, at work. I look forward to working with you!

Nora Sobel – Diversity Initiatives Coordinator

Hi! My name is Nora Sobel and I am the Diversity Initiatives Coordinator with the Academic Success Centre. I am originally from Argentina and have been living Canada since 2001, and I am passionate about recognizing and celebrating our cultural identities and how we all contribute to our very diverse community! I work with students, instructors and staff to provide educational opportunities to all students to support the development of their intercultural competence – necessary in today’s global work environment – and enhancing their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity. Looking forward to meeting you!

Dayna Graham – Adult Learning Facilitator

See Dayna at EDC for: Coaching, Tutoring, and Workshop Requests

Dayna Graham is an Adult Learning Facilitator primarily at the Exchange District campus. Dayna’s education degree. EAL certificate, and 15 years in the field of education, combined with a lifetime commitment to sport, has driven her to seek out practices which elevate students’ learning and academic performance. Dayna has a hand in administering several student supports at the ASC, including academic coaching, tutoring, student success workshops, group review workshops, support for incoming students, and partnerships with various programs across RRC.

Chris Harder – Tutoring Supervisor

See Chris at NDC for: Coaching, Tutoring, and Workshop Requests

Hi! I have been with the Academic Success Center since June 2015 where I tutored students in EAL and facilitated workshops on a variety of topics related to English language and academic skills. Prior to joining Red River College I worked as an EAL instructor, program coordinator and Business English coach in South Korea for over ten years.

I am passionate about teaching and will always do my best to help my students achieve their personal language goals. If you are feeling that your language skills are holding you back from academic success, I would be happy to work with you to develop the strategies and skills required to overcome these challenges!

Kaleigh Quinn – EAL Specialist

Contact Kaleigh if you need language support in (these programs): School of Business, the School of Community Services, Educational Assistant, Electrical/Electronic/Instrumentation Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Power Engineering.

Hello! My name is Kaleigh, and I joined the Academic Success Centre in January 2016 as an EAL Specialist. I work with students, tutors, and program staff, to assist students to develop the language skills they need to be successful in their academic programs and in the workplace; we provide supports through individualized and small group tutoring, workshops, and classroom embedded supports.

I have a B. Ed, M. Ed, and a TESL Certification, and have experience supporting EAL learners in K-12, university, college, language training, and government capacities. I value the opportunity to support EAL students in their RRC academic programs, and am passionate about finding creative ways to support students’ language needs. Please stop by the ASC if you’d like to learn more about our EAL supports!

Stephen Sawchyn – EAL Specialist

Contact Stephen if you need language support in (these programs): Computer and Information Systems Technology, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Skilled Trades, and Transportation Technology

Hi everyone!  My name is Stephen Sawchyn and in June, 2017 I  joined the team at the Academic Success Centre as an EAL Specialist.  I work with students, instructors and programs to provide the language supports needed for students to be successful in their college classroom and in the workplace. Send me an email or stop by the ASC to learn more about the supports we offer and how we can help.

Lisa Vogt – EAL Specialist

Contact Lisa if you need language support in (these programs): Civil Engineering Technology, Architectural Technology, and Construction Management

Hi! My name is Lisa Vogt and I’m an EAL Specialist with the Academic Success Centre. I’ve taught EAL since 2000, working in Tokyo, Vancouver and Winnipeg. At RRC I work with a team of EAL Specialists and EAL Tutors to support students and instructors. We look at the language demands for program areas and develop workshops, study groups and individualized tutoring to meet the needs of EAL students. Our goal is to help students develop their English language skills so they can be successful in College programs. Contact us if you need further information!

Kyle Schewe – Peer Tutor Facilitator/Staff Tutor

See Kyle if you want to become a Peer Tutor at EDC or NDC

Working primarily at the Exchange District Campus, Kyle has made the campus his home and can be found in P210 or in the Massey building tutoring students, leading workshops, or working on projects that seek to improve the delivery of services by the ASC to improve the success of the students at RRC.

Kyle has experience teaching business related courses for over 10 years and has expanded his knowledge in such programs as Business Administration, Applied Accounting, and Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing. His ability to not only teach, but allow the learner the space to learn at their own pace and provide foundational skills applicable to all their courses, is what each student takes away from a meeting with Kyle. He models successful learning to students, and expects them to also put in the energy with their time together, as each student has control over their own progress and should feel pride in their achievements as they move from a new student to graduation. If there was only one piece of advice Kyle would give a student, it would be about reading questions from textbooks or on exams; “Read it again. Read it again! READ IT AGAIN!” He really believes that students do not allow themselves enough forgiveness in their own abilities, and cannot stress how important it is to read a question more than once. Kyle will be the first one to say he reads a question three times before he really understands it!