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December Newsletter – Tutoring for all RRC Students

December 3, 2012

Accessing the Academic Success Centre’s peer tutoring can make all the difference in achieving success

Meet a dedicated math and physics staff tutor:  Soujin Yoo

Soujin Yoo is a welcome addition to our Team of Staff Tutors. Soujin appreciates the direct interaction that one-on-one tutoring lends itself to.  She knows immediately if students are learning in the moment or not, thus enabling her to meet their needs in that second.   This synchronous interaction is good for both students and tutors.

During each tutoring session, Soujin always assesses areas where students are strong and where they may need additional tutoring. She intuitively reads students well. She provides many level-specific examples for the student to practice from.

Something you may not know about Soujin is that she appreciates and regularly practices meditation.  Mediation allows her to deal calmly, and in a grounded manner, with life challenges.  Mediation helps in all areas of life.

If Soujin isn’t at the ASC, you may find her making balloon animals at the Forks:)

Tutoring For All RRC Students

Students may have up to 12 hours/semester of free tutoring.  Students with English as a Second Language needs may have 8 hours additional tutoring with a language specific focus.

All program-specific and study skills tutoring services are delivered at no cost to College students and are subject to availability.

Tutors provide help with the specific content students may find challenging and help them focus and prioritize your time. Tutors are most often peers or recent program graduates and are able to share the study strategies that helped them do well.

Visit us at D-110   at D-110 Notre Dame Campus or P-210 Exchange District Campus to connect with a tutor today.