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Checking off the First Tutoring Session

November 13, 2012

With so much to remember upon meeting a tutee for the first time, it might be handy to have a ‘check-list’ by your side:

A few items to carry with you to your first tutoring session

  1. Learning Agreement (can be accessed on the ASC homepage:
  2. Your preferred contact information (i.e., a card with your RRC email address)
  3. A goal sheet or learning guide/student support guide template
  4. A calendar & your schedule
  5. Study Skills Handouts, ASC Website
  6. Wise Guys Math Stickers

A few items to gather from your first tutoring session

  1. 1.       Course syllabus (photocopy student’s syllabus)
  2. 2.       Course outline (photocopy)
  3. Student’s schedule/time table
  4. Student’s contact information

Steps for a Stellar First Session

  • Get to know your tutee;  have a good interaction with your student
  • Invite the tutee to share their objectives/goals for the next session
  •  Schedule a day, time & location for next session


  1. Record your tutoring hours and submit to Ron by the 22nd of the month