CARSIfrontThe Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (CARSI) is located at the Notre Dame campus. It is the first dedicated research lab at a college in Manitoba. The building is constructed of energy efficient pre-cast, pre-insulated wall panels.

CARSI aims to develop advanced sustainable infrastructure technologies in four strategic areas:

  • asphalt concrete pavement
  • advanced composite materials
  • large light frame wood structures
  • building envelopes

CARSI Research infrastructure includes:

  • Environmental control chambers – side-by-side configuration, common wall with removable section; -40°C to +40°C (-40°F to 104°F) capabilities with additive humidity control; each side with interior dimensions of 10’10” W x 15’2” D x 8’7” H
  • Removable exterior wall section incorporated into CARSI building – utilizes actual climatic conditions for thermal and lighting properties testing
  • Structural dynamic test system – 300 kN tension, 500 kN compression (66,000 lbs tension, 112,000 lbs compression) (static or low-cycle fatigue)
  • Flexible, multi-channel data acquisition system
  • Asphalt Mixer, ignition oven, laboratory compactor
  • Strong floor for testing of large structural members
  • Neubrescope NBX-6040: non-destructive structural temperature/strain sensing system
  • Weather stations
  • Blower door fans for large building air leakage testing
  • Infrared camera for thermal analysis of buildings
  • Videoscope for wall inspections

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