evtecThe Electric Vehicle Technology & Education Centre (EVTEC) was developed with the support of the Province of Manitoba to help test and demonstrate electric vehicle technologies, while allowing Red River College to enhance its applied research and training programs. Catalyzing this initiative has been the Province’s collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, New Flyer Industries, Manitoba Hydro, and RRC on the $3-million, 3-year project to develop an all-electric transit bus and charging system.

Province of Manitoba: Past Support and Initiatives

The Province has supported a number of Red River College applied research projects over the years. These projects include the Red River Raycer (solar car); Hybrid Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine and Hydrogen Fuel Cell bus demonstrations; and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle fleet conversion, demonstration, and evaluation. These projects complement the $2.4 million investment by Western Diversification for research equipment and related infrastructure for the Advanced Transportation & Energy Centre (ATEC) within the Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre (HETC).
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EVTEC’s Mission

EVTEC’s mission is threefold:

  • To support electric vehicle innovation among Manitoba’s transportation sector,
  • To enhance electric vehicle education at RRC and in the region, and
  • To increase public awareness of electric vehicle technology.


To support innovation among Manitoba’s transportation sector, project development and management is being led by Applied Research & Commercialization (AR&C) and the School of Transportation, Aviation & Manufacturing (TAM). With a strong industry network and a history of collaborating with businesses to conduct practical applied research projects, the College will apply its successful model of supporting innovation to enhance and improve electric vehicle technology.


To support education enhancement in the area of electric vehicles, TAM is providing full-time instructor support. Through this support, RRC curriculum and training will be further developed to include an enhanced focus on electric vehicles. An online electric vehicle resource centre will host the latest resources, including both publicly available and internally developed documents, whitepapers, reports, and case studies. EVTEC will not provide recommendations to consumers concerning commercially available electric vehicles.


To support public awareness and network building, EVTEC will not only use both traditional and digital media tools, but will offer a series of events – such as ‘lunch & learns’, open houses, ‘drive-n-rides’, and technical full-day forums – for the public and/or industry professionals.
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Development Timeline

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Research Reports