College Applied Research Development Fund

The College Applied Research Development (CARD) Fund is is an internal funding source administered by Research Partnerships & Innovation to encourage faculty, staff, and students to engage in research activities at the College. The intent is to develop and build internal research capacity within the College while providing a platform for innovation for those who are eager to conduct practical research, but are in need of opportunities and resources.

In general, the funding is intended to be used to:

  • conduct short-term applied research projects;
  • carry out demonstration and/or proof-of-concept applied research projects;
  • prepare industry-focused applied research proposals;
  • conduct and assess the commercial potential of projects;
  • provide assistance in proposal preparation; and/or
  • support research dissemination – including the preparation and presentation of publications, as well as organization of research workshops and symposiums.

The fund has now provided close to $1M to faculty, staff and students to conduct applied research projects. The value of each award is typically up to $7,500. Projects may exceed this amount, but internal and/or external sources of funding are required in such situations. The CARD funding supports:

  • research salary assistance;
  • travel;
  • materials;
  • equipment;
  • and other miscellaneous costs.

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Deadline for the 2018-19 competition is April 4, 2018.

Application Resources

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