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Macleans takes pulse of RRC's pulse research

December 14, 2015

Red River College researchers are cooking up ways to eat more beans

Written by Karen Liu – December 7, 2015
Full article here.
For the past year, chef Brad Gray, an instructor at the Red River College School of Culinary Arts in Winnipeg, has been cooking up ways to incorporate beans into pastas, cookies, and even crèmes brûlées. “The Millennial generation is all about getting as much protein in their diet as they can, and pulses are an easy way of achieving that,” says Gray. “People are also realizing that animal protein isn’t going to be sustainable for the global population, so we need to find alternative methods of feeding the planet.”
So when the culinary arts campus opened two years ago, the school partnered with the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers to come up with recipes using flours made from navy, pinto, and black beans grown by local farmers, hoping that the humble legume would achieve the same level of renown as kale in recent years. The timing is right, as the United Nations declared 2016 to be the International Year of Pulses, encouraging people to grow and eat more beans to lower rates of obesity, manage diseases like diabetes, and help with soil fertility (legumes are often grown to enrich the soil with nitrogen).
Full article here.