Strategic Plans

RRC’s Strategic Plan helps chart a course that empowers the College to continue being a leader and a driving force that will support and help the economy grow.

Not only does the Strategic Plan support the priorities and themes developed in RRC’s Academic and Research Plan, it affords the College the opportunity to continue focusing on what matters most, and allows it to develop the areas of excellence and four key strategic themes that will continue to shape the institution.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan

Red River College’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan reflects the dialogue that took place in the Open Cafés and consultations, which helped shape our mission, vision and values.

You can read the Strategic Plan in full or see a convenient summary.

The next step in building the Strategic Plan is the development of initiatives that will support the achievement of its goals. As a living document, the Strategic Plan is still open to discussion and elaboration.

Any comments can be directed to Christine Watson, Vice-President, Academic, at