Student Information

Jill Patterson is the Coordinator of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services and is located in D104F at the Notre Dame Campus. Deaf and hard of hearing students are encouraged to contact Jill Patterson to discuss issues or concerns regarding interpreting or note taking services and to secure interpreting and/or computerized note taking services.

Student’s responsibilities

If students will be absent or late they are to contact the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services office at 204-632-3092 (V/TTY) before 8:30 a.m. If no call is received, the assigned interpreter or note taker may be reassigned to work with another student. Students can also contact Jill Patterson directly by email at –

Students are also responsible for the following

  • Request copies of lecture notes, handouts, or overheads from their instructors and/ find someone in the class to take notes on the carbon paper.
  • Book or cancel a class, tutor session, meeting, presentation or other activities.
  • Inform Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services of any absence such as illness or an appointment.
  • Book interpreters or note takers for activities outside of their regular schedule 48 hours in advance of the date needed to ensure service.