Student Responsibilities

If students will be absent or late they are to contact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Students can contact the coordinator directly by email at

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Find a classmate to take notes during lectures so that focusing on the interpreters is easier. Carbon paper is available
  • Direct any questions about course content to your instructors
  • Request copies of lecture notes, handouts, or overheads from your instructors
  • Book or cancel a class, tutor session, meeting, presentation or other activities.
  • Inform Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services of any absence such as illness or an appointment
  • Book interpreters or note takers for activities outside of your regular schedule 48 hours in advance of the date needed to ensure service.
  • Become familiar with the role of the ASL-English interpreter or computerized note takers and how to use services