Using Kurzweil Beyond Text-To-Speech Software – Highlighting, Adding Notes, & Extracting Notes

Active vs. Passive Learning

“Active learning promotes a deep, conceptual understanding of a topic that is the hallmark of rich learning as opposed to passively listening to a lecture and cramming for exams. In an active learning environment, the student is engaged, empowered, and excited to learn. … Active learning is how people learn best.” – The Learning Hub: How People Learn Best: Active vs Passive Learning

Suggestions for Active Learning when using Kurzweil 3000

1. Using the highlighters to mark text in Kurzweil:

As you’re reading use either the highlighters or notes to add your own content to the reading. This way you will be more engaged with the content, rather than just passively listening to it.

2. Colour code your highlighters:

Dedicate a particular colour of highlighter for a specific purpose, e.g. use blue for definitions, green for key terms, purple for examples; etc… This will be beneficial for you to later extract your own notes based off of the colour coded highlights you’ve made as you read.

3. Use either sticky notes, or voice notes, to add in your own information about the reading:

As you’re reading you can add in your own notes that connect what you’ve read to other topics, or paraphrase what you’ve read into your own words. Try to provide your own examples, rewrite a concept in your own words, or connect what you’ve just read to something that was brought up in class.

You can also use the notes features to remind yourself to ask your tutor about a certain concept or remind yourself that this topic might be good for a research paper.

4. Extract your own notes:

Take it one step further and extract your own condensed notes to help you study for tests! You can extract your notes into files on your computer, or even into an audio file that you can have on your cell phone and listen to it as you’re on the bus or taking your dog for a walk.

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