IMPORTANT: Spring 2020 Convocation is Postponed

Red River College is postponing convocation ceremonies that were planned for June 1 and 2, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though convocation is postponed, eligible students will still graduate with a Red River College degree, diploma or certificate. All parchments will be mailed to students’ home addresses upon graduation.

Convocation will be rescheduled and we’ll share more information when it’s available. Students will still need to apply to graduate by the last day of the term in which they are graduating by following the directions below.

Before Convocation Day

Application to Graduate

The Application to Graduate is used to advise the College that you have completed all program requirements and are now ready to graduate from your program. Every student, with the exception of Apprenticeship students, must complete an Application to Graduate by the deadline date.

NOTE: The deadline to apply to graduate is the last day of the term in which you are graduating.

Fill out the Application to Graduate

You can check your WebAdvisor account to confirm the Registrar’s Office has received your Application to Graduate (under Communication for Student > My Documents). Note that the “Due Date” is the date of your convocation ceremony.

Once your academic record has been reviewed and it is confirmed you have met the graduation requirements for your program, you will receive your official Transcript of Academic Record by mail and if you place a cap and gown before the deadline date you will receive your parchment on stage at your convocation ceremony. Graduates of the School of Continuing Education will receive their official Transcript of Academic Record and parchment by mail upon successful completion of your program.

Your name in your WebAdvisor account is the name that will be printed on your parchment. For a name change, please visit one of our Student Service Centre’s with the appropriate documentation confirming the name change.

Convocation Information

All graduates and students who may be eligible to graduate will receive emails with information regarding the ceremonies 8-12 weeks prior to the convocation dates. Please make sure your preferred email address is current in your WebAdvisor account.

If you choose not to attend your ceremony your parchment will be mailed to you within a few weeks after the ceremonies. If you have recently moved, please access your WebAdvisor account to change your address.

If you haven’t received any information from the College one month prior to your convocation ceremony, please contact the Student Services Centre.

Confirm your Attendance and Order your Cap and Gown rental

All graduates who want to attend the RRC Convocation ceremonies are required to wear academic attire. Academic attire consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel (the cap and tassel are souvenirs for you to keep). Red River College graduates wear black gowns with pleated front panels and long open sleeves. Certificate and Diploma graduates wear red and black V-Stoles with red piping. Our Degree graduate hoods are specific to their programs. Bachelor of Nursing graduates wear a peach trimmed hood and Bachelor of Technology graduates wear a bronze trimmed hood. Gaspard supplies RRC Cap and Gowns rentals

Your attendance is confirmed when you place a cap and gown order.

The cost of the cap and gown rental is $40 (taxes included) before the deadline date.

Cap and Gown orders coming soon.

If you do not have a credit card and absolutely cannot place an order online, please visit a Student Service Centre at the Notre Dame Campus, D105 or Exchange District Campus, P104 to place an order with cash or debit.

If the deadline date has passed and you would like to attend your convocation ceremony, please arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall 2 hours before the ceremony to rent your gown directly through Gaspard. On-site rental cost is $60. Gaspard only accepts cash for on-site rentals.

Please note that graduates who rent their gown on the day of their ceremony will receive a congratulatory envelope on stage and their official parchment mailed to them in the few weeks after the ceremonies.

The College will subsidize gown rentals for students in financial difficulties, however, funding is limited. Please visit or call the Student Service Centre for more information. The deadline date to apply for a subsidy is the same deadline date to place an order for a cap and gown.

Convocation Day

Arrival Time, Registration and Assembly

Ceremonies will proceed on schedule so it is very important that you are punctual. Please arrive through the front doors at the Centennial Concert Hall 2 hours before the ceremony start time. Parking can be challenging downtown so please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive on time.

Graduates who do not arrive on time for the ceremony may not be seated with their graduating class and may receive a blank congratulatory envelope rather than their parchment on stage.

Once you arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall follow the signs to the Graduate Gowning Area to pick up your Name Card from the Registration Table and your cap and gown rental.

Graduates will assemble in the backstage area 45 minutes before the ceremony. Please check your Name Card for your section and check in with your Section Marshal. Your Section Marshal will assist you in lining up alphabetically within your program.

Do not lose your Name Card. Hand this card to the Announcer on stage who will use it to announce your name as you cross the stage.

Academic Attire

Academic attire consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel (the cap and tassel are souvenirs for you to keep).

The cap should be worn flat on your head with the tassel over the right front edge. Do not pin the tassel as it will be shifted during the ceremony. Men should remove their convocation caps during the National Anthem.

Graduates are not permitted to alter or decorate their cap and gown.

Coat racks are located in the hallway outside the Graduate Gowning Area. There is no secure place to store your personal belongings. We recommend that you leave your phone, purse and other personal belongings with your guests before the start of the ceremony.

Red River College and the Centennial Concert Hall are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Indigenous Graduation Stoles

The Indigenous stole was designed with symbols for The Seven Sacred Teachings, a set of teachings on human conduct towards others. While we recognize that not all First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures and histories recognize The Seven Sacred Teachings, our intention is to be as inclusive as possible. The stole also includes a cart to represent Métis, and a seal symbol to represent Inuit culture. In the middle of the stole is the Red River College logo, which rests on the back of the neck. The Assiniboine River and Red River are represented throughout the design as a nod to the geography and history that have brought Indigenous peoples to the land that Red River College campuses are located on. The design lays on red silk to proudly display the College’s brand colour.

Students who register and attend the Annual Pow Wow will be presented with an Indigenous graduation stole as a gift. They are encouraged to wear their stole at the College-wide convocation ceremonies. Indigenous students who do not attend the Pow Wow can self-declare at convocation to receive an Indigenous stole. If a graduate who received a stole at Pow Wow forgets to bring it to Convocation, they can borrow one by leaving a piece of identification at the registration table.

Receiving Your Diploma/Certificate/Degree on Stage

Prior to crossing the stage, please hand your Name Card to the Announcer who may wish to clarify the pronunciation of your name.

When your name is announced, start walking across the stage toward the Dean or a representative of the School who will congratulate you. Then continue to walk toward the President who will present you with your parchment.

A marshal will direct you off the stage and back to your seat. As a courtesy to your fellow graduates and guests, please remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony.

Conclusion of Ceremony

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a marshal will lead the graduates in a procession out of the theatre. Graduates and guests are welcome to attend a light reception following the ceremony.

Returning Your Gown

Immediately after the ceremony, return your gown to Gaspard. Ensure the return of your gown is documented by Gaspard staff so you don’t get charged additional fees. Remember, the cap and tassel are yours to keep!

Other Information


Tickets are not required and there is no maximum number of guests per graduate. Doors open two hours before the ceremony start time and seating begins one hour before the ceremony start time. Designated seating is available for persons with disabilities and the Centennial Concert Hall provides additional Accessibility Services.

Generally, our ceremonies last between 2 and 21/2 hours depending on the number of graduates and presentations.

Following the ceremony, the College and RRC Students’ Association host a light reception in the hallways of the Centennial Concert Hall.


Visit our Campus Store popup shop at the foyer area of Centennial Concert Hall during convocation to purchase a parchment frame and a variety of other souvenirs including RRC hoodies, mugs, jewelry etc.


Parking in the downtown area can be challenging. Be aware there maybe other events taking place in the surrounding areas that will limit the number on parking spots in the vicinity. Please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive on time.

Visit the Centennial Concert Hall website for parking information. If you plan to use Winnipeg Transit use Navigo Trip Planner to help you find the most convenient and quickest routes to the Centennial Concert Hall.

Your Personal Information

The name that appears in your WebAdvisor account is the name that will be printed on your Official Academic Transcript and Parchment. For name changes (including middle name), please visit a Student Service Centre with the appropriate documentation confirming the name change or correction. Students will be required to pay the Document Replacement Fee for name changes after convocation.

If you have recently moved, please login to your WebAdvisor account to change your address.

Information regarding graduation and awards may be made public. If you have any questions or concerns about the collection and use of this information, or if you would like your graduation or awards information not made public, please contact the Student Service Centre.

Overdue Accounts

To make sure you receive your parchment at Convocation, please have all financial obligations paid in full 10 days prior to the ceremony date.

Parchments will not be awarded at the ceremony if there are any outstanding amounts against your student number (e.g. tuition and parking fees, library books, computer equipment, etc.).