ACCESS Model Program

The ACCESS Model Program is designed to provide admission to specific Red River College Polytechnic programs for low-income residents of Manitoba who have not had the opportunity to participate or succeed in a college education because of social, economic, or cultural factors, formal education, or geographical location (inaccessibility to post-secondary institutions).

ACCESS Application Form

Support Services

Students accepted into other regular Red River College Polytechnic day programs can apply for funding and/or other support services through the ACCESS Program office providing that they meet the basic criteria. Within the ACCESS Model Program, provisions have been made to deliver support services to ensure and promote student success. These services include:

Academic Supports

  • Support courses and supplemental classes
  • Study Skills
  • Professional Development courses (including Indigenous perspectives)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
  • Tutoring (peer & group)

Personal Support/Counseling

  • Individual and Family
  • Academic/Career
  • Financial Planning
  • Housing/Daycare referrals
  • Communication and Personal Development
  • Urban Adjustment
  • Cultural Adjustment

Financial Support

Each year a limited number of students are selected and provided with an ACCESS bursary based upon financial need assessment. Single parents are given high priority. Students are also funded in a variety of other ways (e.g. student loan, band funding, Metis Federation or other funding such as SASAR, Social Services, etc.)