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Profile of Artur Landel, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

Interested in learning more about our Business Administration program? Artur Landel, Business Administration grad, checked in with us to answer some questions about the program.

1) How did your time at Red River College help you achieve your goals?
RRC enriched my life by being taught soft skills and hard skills at the same time. For example, as a group, you are supposed to write a PESTEL analysis. This automatically requires you to learn the soft skills of teamwork, some of which include effective communication, pulling your weight, and delegation of tasks.

2) What aspects of your academic experience at Red River College would you say were particularly influential?
What I enjoyed most about the Business Administration Program is the fact that it showed us business from many different angles. I personally had a very narrow idea of what business is. RRC allows you to learn about Marketing, Finances, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship. By studying each discipline, I was able to see how multifaceted each discipline is.

3) What stands out for you about your Red River College experience that really prepared you to start on your career?
RRC was demanding and time-consuming. Since I had to juggle 6 courses per semester plus life, I really had to come up with a plan to get it all done. Luckily, every struggle makes us stronger. After completing RRC, effective time management was a polished tool in my toolbox.

4) Academics aside, what other opportunities, social and extra-curricular, added to your Red River College experience? (i.e. Vanier competition; Finance competition; Business Solutions Team; Student Ambassador, First Impressions Recruitment Event (FIRE), Directions Conference, International Student Support, etc.)
The Directions Conference was my highlight while studying at RRC. The organizers of Directions put in a lot of effort to ensure students meet up with energetic entrepreneurs from many fields. It was hard NOT to get an internship or job offer when attending the event.

5) What advice would you offer someone considering enrolment in the Red River College Business Administration program?
Participate in extracurricular activities. RRC has many student groups, take the time to participate in one. I personally participated in the Student Association Board (SAB) where I learned many valuable things. I still keep in touch with some of the members.

Get to know as many people as you can and ask them a lot of questions! The people that I learned the most from were international students, students that already have had a career, and instructors. The most rewarding feeling I get now is seeing former classmates out working, or when you see social media posts from RRC alumni that is promoting his or her own business.