Executive Leadership

The President of Red River College is appointed by the Board of Governors and is the College’s Chief Executive Officer. Reporting to the President are three Vice-Presidents, each responsible for various academic and administrative functions within the College.

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Senior Leadership Team

Red River College’s Senior Leadership team consists of the President, three Vice-Presidents and six Executive Directors. This group operates as a team, working collaboratively and cross-functionally.

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Strategic Development

The Strategic Development team is accountable for the overall leadership, strategic direction, vision and management of the Strategic Plan. Under its four pillars – Knowledge, Innovation, Partnerships and Profile – this group plays a major role in fostering a respectful leadership style, shaping the future direction of the College and developing strategies and plans to get us there.


Academic is responsible for the curriculum and education experience of our students. Our innovative course of study is structured so that students can gain the knowledge they need to jump right into the workforce, with 96% of job seeking graduates finding a job post-graduation. Reporting to the Vice-President of Academic are the Executive Director of Academic and the Executive Director of Community and Student Services.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration provides support for Red River College students, faculty, staff and community partners. The Vice-President of Finance and Administration is the Chief Financial Officer of the College and oversees all financial and business operations, including financial planning, budget development, and personnel services. Reporting to the Vice-President are the Executive Director of Finance and Campus Services as well as the Chief Human Resources Officer.