Convocation Day

Ceremonies will proceed on schedule so it is very important that you are punctual. Please arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall 90 minutes before the ceremony start time to pick up your academic attire.

Registration and Assembly

Once you arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall, follow the signs to the Graduate Gowning Area to register and pick up or purchase your academic attire.

You’ll be asked to fill out a name card that the announcer uses to say your name as you cross the stage. Please print your name and the name of the program you are graduating from clearly and take it with you on stage.

You’ll be given a letter section on the back of your name card at the registration table. Graduates will assemble 45 minutes before the ceremony in the backstage area where you’ll meet your assigned section marshal. The marshal will assist you in lining up alphabetically within your program.

It’s important to arrive early as you are one of many graduates taking part in the ceremony.

Academic Attire

The cap should be worn flat on your head with the tassel over the right front edge. Do not pin the tassel as it will be shifted during the ceremony. Men should remove their convocation caps during the National Anthem.

We ask that you refrain from making any alterations to your academic attire.

Coat racks are located in the hallway outside Rehearsal Room 1 where you pick up your academic attire, but there isn’t a secure place to store your personal belongings. We recommend that you leave your phone, purse and other personal belongings with your guests before the start of the ceremony.

Red River College and the Centennial Concert Hall are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Receiving Your Diploma/Certificate/Degree on Stage

Prior to crossing the stage, please hand your name card to the announcer who may wish to clarify the pronunciation of your name.

When your name is announced, start walking across the stage toward the Dean or a representative of the School who will congratulate you. Then continue to walk toward the President who will present you with your parchment.

A marshal will direct you off the stage and back to your seat. As a courtesy to your fellow graduates and guests, please remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony.

Conclusion of Ceremony

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a marshal will lead the graduates in a procession out of the theatre.

Returning Your Gown

Immediately after the ceremony, return your gown to Gaspard. Ensure the return of your gown is documented by Gaspard staff so you don’t get charged additional fees. Remember, the cap and tassel are yours to keep!