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Going Places

Red River College Portal

The Portal is your one-stop source for information and services here at RRC. If you are a student, staff member or faculty instructor, you need only log in to gain access to the following:

  • integrated calendar showing all of your classes, Outlook and Colleague meetings and appointments
  • instant one-click access to your e-mail account (via web-mail), CaseLog, RRC Reports and many more services
  • instant access to Web Advisor to see your grades, get your T-4’s and look at your pay stubs
  • current news, events and happenings here at RRC
  • your very own personal area within the Portal you can share with your friends and colleagues: MySite

Where Can I FInd The Portal?

The Portal can be found here: It is often refered to as ’Go’ or ’Sharepoint Portal’.

How Do I Log Into The Portal?

NEW! You can now log into Portal using a different way. If you put your user name, you can avoid entering in ADMIN\ or ACADEMIC\ completely. This works for BOTH Students and Staff.

EXAMPLE: if your username is jdoe, you can enter in as your username in Portal and get in!


NOTICE: If you are receiving errors when trying to log into the Portal saying that you do not have a default constituency, try using these links instead to get to the Portal: 


Where Do I Get Help?

If you encounter any errors, you can e-mail us at or file a Case Log (this is the College’s technical trouble-ticket website) 

Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more about, and how RRC staff and students can make better use of the Portal, click on one of the links below: