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Student Computer Systems and Accounts

This document provides brief explanations of the various computer systems and accounts you will utilize during your time with the College.

Your User ID and Password  |  WebAdvisor  |  Portal Student Email  |  Network Computers  |  Equitrac  |  Program Specific  Accounts


Your User ID and default password were provided to you in either a
WebAdvisor explanation letter or an online course registration confirmation e-mail.

If you no longer have your letter or email and would like to retrieve your user Id or reset your password:

  • Visit RRC User Account and click on “Change Password” or “What’s My User Name/Password”
  • For “What’s My User Name/Password” enter your name and Student number PLUS a valid Social Insurance Number or Birth Date and Postal code
  • Record your user name (also called User Id)
  • If you are resetting your password via email, check that the email address we have on file for you is valid before pressing “Next” to send it.

If your email address is not listed or is not correct please contact:


Full-time students: 204-632-2327
Part-time Continuing Education students: 204-694-1789
Interlake and Peguis-Fisher River: 204-785-5328
Portage: 204-428-6322
Steinbach: 204-320-2500
Winkler: 204-325-9672


Notre Dame Campus
Student Service Centre, D101
Library Services, CM18

Exchange District Campus
Student Service Centre, P104
Learning Commons Help Desk, P117

Regional Campuses


Your password will expire every 180 days. You will be sent a password reset request e-mail 15 days prior to the expiration date.


WebAdvisor is usually the first account you will use. You can access it through HUB in the Portal and it provides you with 24-hour online access to: 

  • your account information including your User ID and password
  • your personal contact information
  • your financial account summary
  • online account payments
  • T2202A tax receipts
  • student loan documents status


The Portal provides students with access to important information and College news, services and online apps.

By logging in to the Portal, you will have access to: 

  • College announcements and news
  • WebAdvisor
  • MailSite (RRC webmail)
  • Your calendar
  • Case Log (technical support)
  • Workgroup collaborations
  • Various student forms
  • Information about services for students


Log in to Portal using your RRC username and password.


When logged into the Portal, do not leave your workstation or laptop unattended. This can result in another person having full access to your accounts and information. When stepping away from your computer, you should lock it by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and selecting ‘Lock Computer’ or logout and close your browser.


To logout of the Portal, click on the drop down arrow beside your name and choose Sign Out.


Student Email (powered by Office 365) is the College’s student email system. It is the official method of electronic communication between the College and students including full-time program and part-time Continuing Education students at all RRC campuses (Winnipeg and Regional Campuses). Communication may include registration information, class start date information, etc.

Student email is now mandatory for all students as the College is reducing the number of hardcopy (paper) items mailed to students. It is your responsibility to check your student email account on a regular basis for College correspondence.

Getting a Student Email Address

As a full-time program student an email account will be created for you when we register you into your courses and send you your registration letter and statement. As a part-time program student you will be provided with an email account 24 to 48 hours after course registration.

Logging In

Student email is accessible via HUB.

Student Email Username

Your student email username is your regular username followed by (eg.

Your Student Email Address

Your email address is the same as your student email username (eg.

Basic Email Instructions

The following ‘how to’ instructions are available on the ITS microsite:

  • How to Logon to Student Email
  • Send an email
  • Add someone’s contact info
  • Redirect messages to a personal email account (eg. Hotmail)
  • Create subfolders
  • Forward emails to your mobile phone or device
  • Add RRCALERT to preferred sender
  • Configure calendaring
  • How to access your email using mobile devices
  • Configure MS Outlook for secure IMAP email
  • Configure Mac Mail for secure POP mail
  • Configure Outlook for secure POP3 mail access

Student Email Assistance

For student email assistance please submit a Case Log through HUB. Please be sure to include the following information in your Case Log:

  • Type of mailbox - Student Email
  • Two contact methods, eg. home or cell phone number and personal email address (in the event that your College email address isn’t working)

Student Email Account Expiration

Your student email account will be removed 180 days after the completion of your last course and all contents will be deleted. If you return to the College, you will be assigned a new student email account.


College computer labs are available for general use when not scheduled for class use. Schedules are usually posted on lab doors. Labs may be accessed after hours using your student card. If you require the use of specific computer programs, please consult your instructor for appropriate lab locations.


Student printing is managed by a software application called Equitrac. Many programs provide printing credits to students. The Print and Graphic Centre is your contact for Equitrac operations and account replenishments - DM19 Notre Dame Campus or W104 Exchange District Campus.


Some programs provide students with access to other computer accounts including a Learning Management System, Student SharePoint Sites, and various program specific file shares. The instructors in your program will provide you with more information on these accounts.

Declaration of Waiver

The information is accurate as of April 2011. The College does its best to update College information regularly so students are not inconvenienced. However, on occasion, changes do occur. Therefore, after April 2011, the College reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, process, or procedure without notice or prejudice.