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As an instructor developing performance-based learning outcomes, you need to clarify the expected learning that you plan to facilitate in your courses. This will help you communicate with your students as to what you expect them to be able to DO at the end of your course. One way to accomplish this level of detail is to define the significant and essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary for success in your course.  These should be a mix of discipline-specific skills and abilities along with generic Employability Skills and Essential Skills known at RRC as College Wide Learning Outcomes.


You will find the printable Knowledge, Skills & Abilities template under “Tools” in the menu. Also printable is the related alphabetical list of action verbs from the three categories. The lists provide assistance in selecting the appropriate verb when composing learning outcomes.


Under the FAQs section of the menu, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions related to knowledge, skills, and abilities, and examples of performance-based learning outcomes, employability skills, and KSA charts.

More Information

This section contains additional answers related to employability skills, essential skills, and Blooms taxonomy.


The glossary provides access to definitions of educational terms as agreed to at Red River College.

Please feel free to explore these resources. We hope they are helpful.


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